Landlord and Gas Meter upgrade to Smart Meter

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Landlord and Gas Meter upgrade to Smart Meter

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National Grid came to my apartment to install a Smart meter on their Gas meter which is in my apartment. The Gas Meter was not moved, or altered. The tech simply put a piece of plastic over the existing Gas Meters window. My Landlord was looking at their cameras, and emailed me and a few other Tenants saying it was illegally done, and it needs to be removed because it causes Cancer. They also sent me some website that's not even a legitimate website about the "dangers" of Smart meters. They also said we'd have to pay the removal fee of $105.00. What are your thoughts on this? We pay for our own gas, and National Grid owns the Gas Meter. I was told by National Grid that he can't tell us to take it off because he doesn't own it, and nothing in the apartment that he owns was altered. They also said it doesn't cause Cancer at all. This guy has been harassing us since we formed a Tenant Association, and filed complaints to the City to get him to make repairs in our apartments. What should I do about this Landlord?

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